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This is not the answer to the permanent winter housing problem north of the Arctic Circle or not in our opinion is any backpacking tent, but for shelter from elements you’ll not find a better 1-1/2 lb. protection regardless of the price.
One of the biggest objections to tarp tents has always been their open-ness in a crowded campground. This tarp not only gives you 6′ height but zips shut to afford the privacy given by any tent. Measures 88″ x 144″ with ample ties to be pitched a hundred ways but can be made into a tent 52″ x 88″ x 72″ high. To get a better idea how it works, print out picture #3 and follow the instructions for setting up a tarp tent. As each tent is made to order please allow 4-6 weeks for production. Production times may vary if you have questions please call or email.

Details: Rip-stop nylon.
Red, Green or Blue
1-1/2 lbs.
Cat. No. F0712

Price: 110.00

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Weight 1.5 lbs

Red, Green, Blue

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  1. Rob Endicott

    Bought this tent in 2009. Have used it exclusively as a one man, fall/winter hunting shelter. Will handle your bedroll, chair and gear. Being able to sit and put on your boots is a bonus. Because it’s floorless you can vent it and cook easily enough on the dirt, out of the elements. A backpack stove set on low will heat it up quite nice as well, providing a little more motivation to roll out of your bag in the morning.

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