Shoulder Strap

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This handy strap can hook on to any of our bags and luggage.

Details: Made out of 2″ durable cotton webbing with metal hardware.
Catalog number: CL55

Price: 15.00

3 reviews for Shoulder Strap

  1. Richard

    I really wish the hardware on this was stainless or some kind of metal instead of plastic. The plastic clip mechanism is flimsy. I’d happily pay more for hardware that is commensurate with the quality of the canvas!

    • Melody@BeckelCanvasProducts

      We have had very good luck with the plastic hardware not breaking, at least we haven’t heard otherwise from our customers. If the hardware were to fail, the strap would be replaced under warranty.

  2. Ron

    The strap canvas is solid, but the plastic hardware is definitely no bueno. In addition to feeling weak and visibly flexing under a heavier load (e.g. a full War Bag), it also has tendency to squeak at the plastic to plastic contact points. Very annoying. I’ve ended up just using a shoulder strap from a different brand, which, in addition to more solid construction, also has positionable shoulder pads that make heavier loads bearable.

  3. Ryan

    I’m buying this again, but the last one I got I broke on the plastic end piece.

    • Michelle Nelson

      We do offer shoulder straps with metal hardware. If you would like that option instead of the plastic you can email us at or call us.

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