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In addition to our handi-bag, we now have a great bag for carrying your paperwork around. Will fit file folders, magazines, books, clipboards as well as your lunch for work everyday.

Has inside pockets and two zippered outside pockets..

Don’t forget to add a shoulder strap for just $13.00!

Details:¬†Measures 15″ wide x 12″ long x 3″ deep.
Cat. No. CL152

Price: 61.00

Additional information

Dimensions 12 × 15 × 3 in

White, Black, Olive Drab, Navy

2 reviews for Briefcase

  1. Edward Q

    Ok I may sound a little bias saying that I mainly bought this to support a local business, but in hindsight, I bought the bag because Beckel Canvas was also able to modify my bag for my specific needs. I have had my canvas briefcase for 2+ years now. I had the width widened another 1″ to accommodate more room for my computer hardware. I carry more equipment than the average office worker, since I work in technical field service. The bag also doubles as a partial tool bag. I work out of my bag everyday. I’ve weighed it, and it’s holding about 19lbs worth of work stuff/junk/tools. I could fit more, but I wouldn’t be able to carry it! It’s survived my travels in Europe, all across the US, and more importantly the huge weather differences between them all. The canvas dye has bled a little onto the white handle straps from our wet weather here in the PNW, but the bag was never designed for that. I found that a little Q-tip swab of bleach fixes that. Did I mention that I abuse this bag more than the average office worker would as well?

    I love this bag.

    I hope to buy another briefcase soon, but I’m waiting until my current one falls apart, which maybe a long while. Ha. I’m loving the new Navy color, so my eyes are set on that! Beckel makes the most underrated canvas bags out there. Handmade right here in Portland, Oregon. The price for this bag is crazy affordable when you consider it’s handmade, and let’s not forget that someone even modified my bag for me right where it’s made. You can’t do that with a machine made bag that costs twice as much as Beckel’s.

    *I wasn’t paid to write this, or asked to write this!*

  2. WilliamInNashville

    I have to echo [similarly] to the previous reviewer. I had my briefcase modified to switch the dimensions of the bag (as I needed something a bit narrower and longer). Wow, what a surprise this was, to see the end product! So much so…I’m probably gonna order another one with a couple more tweaks on the design. Hoping they can access/acquire some black webbing instead of white…and maybe a heavier duty brass zipper, and accoutrements.
    Craftsmanship at this price point are unheard of these days…I’m hoping these folks can stay in the business of producing fine gear for a long time.

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